Todd Greiner Farms Commodities

Our hybrid asparagus is grown on a sandy loam soil type which is needed for the asparagus crown to flourish. Our asparagus is hand snapped at the base of the spear at 7 1/2" for processing markets used for cuts & tips and spears that are IQF (Individually Quick Frozen). Asparagus grown for the fresh market is grown to 8 - 11" in height. Immediately after harvest all asparagus is delivered directly to our facility where it is hydro-cooled, stored in our forced air coolers until ready to be packed and shipped. Todd Greiner Farms Packing is the largest packinghouse in Oceana County and the only packinghouse in the State of Michigan with a state of the art automated line for ultimate consistency in sizing. Oceana County makes up over 70% of the state's total acreage.

Asparagus Pack Styles:
11 lb Petite
11 lb Standard
11 lb Large
11 lb Jumbo
28 lb Petite
28 lb Standard
28 lb Large
28 lb Jumbo
Loose cartons


Sweet Cherries
The varieties of sweet cherries grown on our farm are Sam’s, Ulsters, and Golds. All 3 varieties are great as a fresh cherry or as a processing cherry. These cherries are hand-picked. They begin to bloom in the spring and are harvested in June and July.

Sweet Cherry Pack Styles:
20 lb Loose Carton
18 lb Carton - 8-2 1/4 lb Bags
Tart Cherries
The variety of tart cherry that we grow in our orchards is the Montmorency. In May the trees begin to bloom with beautiful white blossoms and we harvest the cherries during the month of July. Tart cherries are mechanically harvested with a cherry shaker. These cherries are sent to area food processors to be pitted and either Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) or mixed with sugar and packed into plastic containers.

Our zucchini is hand harvested daily from our irrigated fields in the months of July, August and September. Zucchini is quickly delivered to our facility where it is washed, packed and shipped to our respected customers.
Green Zucchini Pack Styles:
1/2 Bushel Fancy
1/2 Bushel Medium
1 1/9 Bushel Large


Sweet Corn
Our farm grows super sweet Bi-Color, Yellow and White corn that is hand harvested in the months of August and September. Immediately after harvest the corn is hydro-cooled and put into our forced air coolers to ensure the harvested corn does not build heat as the sugars convert into starches. After the corn is packed in our packinghouse and before shipment it is topped with ice to help maintain the cool temperature needed.
Sweet Corn Packs Styles:
4 dozen wirebound crates
24" cardboard bins
Our farm grows two varieties of Clingstone Peaches; Baby Gold #5 and Vinegold. These fruit trees bloom vibrant pink blossoms in late April and are harvested during the months of August and early September.
Peach Pack Styles For Fresh Market:
1/2 bushel      2 1/4" min
1/2 bushel      2 1/2" min
1/2 bushel      2 3/4" min
1/2 bushel           3 " min
The pumpkins that we grow are used as Halloween jack-o-lanterns. We plant in late May and early June on a sandy loam soil type for optimum appereance and health. We will begin harvesting and shipping the 1st of September until the week of Halloween. The pumpkins are picked, wiped clean, weighed to assure proper sizing and loaded directly into high graphic carboard bins. They are then inspected at our receiving facility and loaded onto semi-trucks and delivered all across the United States.
Sizing:  Small       60-65 count
            Medium    50-55 count
            Large        40-45 count
            X-Large     30-35 count
            Jumbo      20-25 count
            Pie           Approx. 250 count

A grower and marketer of Michigan grown apples with a great variety and an emphasis on quality. Varieties include: Paula Red, Gala, McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Cortland, Empire, Golden Delicious, Jonathan, Jonagold, Red Delicious, Rome, Ida Red, Fuji, Spy, Winesap, and Crispin.


Apple Pack Styles:

Tray Pack



Poly Bag Sizes 3, 5, 8, and 10 lb bags

Hard Squash is hand harvested and packed inside our packinghouse September - November. Our squash varieties are carefully selected based on taste, shipping characteristics, and uniform shape showing excellent quality. The hard squash varieties that we grow are Acorn, Butternut, Buttercup and Spaghetti.
Squash Pack Styles:
1 1/9 Bushel Cartons
24 " Sectioned Bins

We begin marketing Christmas evergreens during April and continue until the first of November. We start cutting boughs of Douglas Fir and Fraser Fir near the end of October and begin constructing the wreaths and garland the first of November until mid December. This product is distributed to customers across the United States. Many schools and church groups purchase our evergreens to sell for fundraisers. Local stores and residents purchase our product to decorate their storefronts and homes for the Holiday Season. We also ship individual wreaths packaged in decorative Holiday boxes with a personalized greeting card enclosed, via USPS.