About Us


Todd Greiner Farms was established in 1994 by Todd and his wife Sarah starting with 120 acres in Elbridge Township of Hart. Today, the home farm is located on the original piece of land they started with and the farm has grown to be over 2000 acres. In 2012 Todd and Sarah took on the family farm from his father that is a very exciting addition which includes additional acreage, storage, equipment and a second packinghouse. The addition also comes with our own supply of apples including exciting varieties such as Honeycrisp.

Todd Greiner Farms is a family farm that is located just miles away from the serene shore of West Michigan that takes pride in growing, packing and shipping exceptional quality to their respected customers and looks forward in continuing that trend for many years to come. Our location offers great weather conditions and a soil mix that is prominent in a sandy loam soil type. This soil type offers many benefits, it allows asparagus to flourish, our pumpkins and squashes to come out clean with minimal to no scarring, and promotes less disease pressure to our crops. Having over 2000 acres allows us to have a good rotation of crops on our land to ensure optimum health seen in our produce. We have a global food safety program in place to ensure we supply nothing but the safest produce to consumers across the United States and afar. We maintain high levels of focus to a select number of items to ensure we’re communicating accurate information to our customers during the planning stages and providing an unprecedented level of quality as fresh from the field as possible.

We currently farm asparagus, zucchini, sweet corn, field corn, sweet and tart cherries, hard squash, peaches, apples, plums, ornamental gourds, and pumpkins. We pack and ship all but field corn as that is used for rotational purposes and market additional crops from other Michigan based farms to allow a better product offering while still maintaining high levels of focus to the crops we grow and pack. Those items include watermelon, apples, carrots, parsnips, beets, and turnips. When we finish harvesting our fall crops we switch over to Christmas evergreens which include trees, wreaths, garland, boughs, and swags. The trees and bough material for constructing is harvested the first part of November and continues into December. We don’t like to start any earlier than the first part of November so the freshness of our greenery lasts through the holiday season to be enjoyed by families and businesses across the United States.

Accreditations and Affiliations

·         Primus GFS Audit Certificate
·         MAEAP Farmstead System Verified
·         MAEAP Cropping System Verified
·         USDA – PACA Licensed
·         Michigan Farm Bureau Members
·         Red Book Credit Services Member
·        Member of The Blue Book Services